Protective Warrior



I went from battling with my dog to give her a bath yesterday in muggy, scorching heat to now wearing a sweater and drinking a hot cappuccino in the not-natural summer chill of today.

(Looking at my first sentence is giving me a run-on headache.  Maybe I’ll be pardoned for now.)

Perhaps the past Polar Vortex has messed up the seasons. Now we are forever doomed to experience fall in the summer, and winter in the fall and spring in the winter. Maybe we’ll get dumped with snow right now and start exclaiming that global warming is – once again – ‘very’ real.

But never mind the weather. That’s the talk to start conversations with. I’ve already started one two posts ago. Though weather is something we must cooperate with, at least the human body does defend itself along the way.

Have you ever thought about that? That our bodies are actually putting up a fight, even when it appears they are failing? Of course, we are no super heroes with super-human strength that will cure all illnesses and decay. We can’t change that we age and grow weaker. Some organs or tissues will eventually die.

But our bodies still try to live.

I remember when I was in an automobile accident last year in the spring. I’d never been in one before; so the sudden crash from behind startled me too late to have a reaction. All I knew was that the window behind me had shattered and we had made an abrupt stop. Luckily everyone was okay, both in our car and others who unfortunately were involved. We were told by one of the firemen that our situation could have gone two ways. It could go the way it had, where all four of us in the car walked out unharmed. In the other case, we would have been seriously hurt and being rushed to a hospital. To this day, I’m extremely thankful that option #2 wasn’t us.

The only problem I ended up experiencing was a terrible whiplash. Then for a week or two, my body felt like it had been run over by something heavy. I ended up seeing the college nurse to make sure nothing was broken. As it turned out, I was fine. The only dramatic thing that happened was my nose running like crazy from my cold as the nurse examined my back. That, needless to say, was slightly embarrassing.

But the nurse told me something that day that I will never forget. She said that the only reason my body was so sore was because it had been defending itself against the hit.

Did you catch that? My body, in that split second of insanity on the road, had tensed up in order to protect itself. Of course, it’s not like a sudden super-power emanated from my skin and I wasn’t slammed against my seatbelt with immense force. But still…the fact that my body has such mechanisms in it to know when it’s in danger…amazing.

Okay, so mechanism sounds kind of robotic. All I’m saying is that we should not only remember that our bodies are awesome warriors on the frontline. I’m also saying that with this in mind, shouldn’t it be motivation to take care of ourselves? We are warriors indeed if we can juggle both.


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