Repeat to Retrieve

There is so much to inspire the imagination and writing. The only stumbling block is that all inspirations become only ordinary props of life. I can look out my bedroom window right now and be inspired by the lush green trees. But I’ve seen them too much. They are there every day and hardly ever change (except for seasons). Sad they should become nothing to my eyes.
In part, that’s what this poem “Repetition” has made me reflect on. Though Phil Kaye only speaks of words being repeated and dying, my inspiration doesn’t change and thus fades away. It’s like I’ve told those trees outside that they are just trees over and over again. Then they turn into just that.
But I love how the poem makes a bold attempt to make words consequential. The stutter is what makes “I love you” say something real. See how poetry awakens the power of words again! It makes them new and meaningful. So maybe instead of looking at the trees and thinking about how the trees have always been there, we must look at the cracks. Watch the way the wind tilts them, uplifts the leaves to indicate a storm, the way waters drips off them into a new shower.
Now does it come? Does inspiration not seem so far away? I’ll not pretend that I haven’t struggled to write for a few months now. Senior year seemed to empty me of essential amounts of imagination. But I dislike making excuses for a lack of inspiration, for writer’s block. These are just ideas that pretend they’re alive enough to chain us. And they can if we let them. Just like the idea of boogie monsters under our beds as children. As long as we believed they were there, they were there.
So enjoy the rejuvenation of words by Kaye. Enjoy the world around you, because it can work if your imagination won’t.


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