The Start of the Next

College was the beginning of a new life; but when May 10, 2014 arrived and I was on the stage shaking the president’s hand, I couldn’t believe it. Four years of my life gone. I just hoped that those four years made me a better person.
Now that my real diploma finally came and my graduation gown is ready to collect dust, I’m on to the Next. And the Next could be anything. It could be an internship, marriage, temporary jobs, or just trying to find a suitable car.
But what should a Bachelor of Arts be looking for in the Next? If anything, they are looking for what’s lost. What Shakespeare had in his time is what theaters today are lacking. What Charlotte Bronte created a pen-name for it what is left lifeless on the bookshelf.
What we need is an audience.
I am a writer. I am a Bachelor of Arts. And this blog is my attempt to revive the imagination by various means. It is not bad to have the heart of a child. If anything, the imagination gives us a kaleidoscope to see reality for what it could be. What does the world lack and what hope does it still cling to?
I’d like to thank the people who recommended WordPress as the home for my blog: Farkas (Bekah), Sarah, Jake, and Brigette.
Until the next post, Adventurers, assemble!
(Yeah, I know. Avengers still sounds better.)


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